We all have our stories. Don’t we?

It all started with an old story my mother once told me, about my great grandmother and an axe. And then the stories emerged. There were stories waiting to be told, voices never heard. Stories of fierce women, madness, sailors, blinding love and eternal sorrow.

The music spins between pop and folk, swirling into french chanson and back into something almost timeless. Most of the songs are in English but Jenny likes to write in Finnish and French as well.

Previously, Jenny has written and recorded music under the name Yen Yen, but now calls herself Jenny Morney.

The Morney story
Morney is an alternate spelling of the name Morgny, the name of my 10th great grandfather. He left northern France in the 17th century to work as a woodsman in the forests around Nyköping, a small town in the eastern part of Sweden. His great-grandson later moved up north to the Finnish archipelago and in Finland I was born many hundred years later. By chance and by luck I now find myself where my ancestors’ nordic history first began, in the forests around the small town by the sea called Nyköping.

We all have our stories.  Yes we do.