A successful gig

1915504_10153126787535855_1140156183915684452_nWe had a successful gig before Christmas. Together with the band Tistel and artist Dick Lundberg, we played at Magasinet in Nyköping. The audience was great and we managed to raise 3000 SEK that went directly to charity (UNHCR).

A big thanks to all you nice people who came, listened and contributed!






Release gig at Fåfängan 30th May

We had a great audience who came despite of the rainy weather. It was raining cats and dogs, but it was quite cosy under the roof with the water sprinkling and the birds singing in the lush greenery outside.
This is Simon. He’s a heck of a drummer!
This is Jon, he’s a superduper guitarist! I’m in the background, playing second guitar (and piano). Rashma is checking the sound.
This is Mattias. He’s one of the coolest bass players you have seen, isn’t he?


Almost there

We will be recording the last and final details on the album this week. After that, seven new songs are ready for mastering.

On the 30th of May you can listen to all new songs and also pick up your own copy of the new album. We will play live at Fåfängan in Nyköping, at 3 p.m.